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Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Katelyn Mudry is a Naturopathic Doctor located in Kimberley, British Columbia. She is accepting new patients. However, online booking is only for existing patients. New patients, please send us an email with your phone number and reception will contact you to set up your 1-hour initial consult. Dr. Katelyn sees patients local to Cranbrook and Kimberley as well as all over B.C. virtually. Appointments are in-person at the new Marysville (Kimberley) clinic space or online. All supplements and medicines are picked up at the clinic or may be shipped.

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Dr. Mudry offers natural treatments to what ever ails you, at affordable prices, and always makes sure your concerns are heard and addressed.  Go here for more info on appointments and treatments. As a naturopathic physician licensed in British Columbia she can only see patients who live in BC. Please note she does not do cancer care at this time.

By focusing on the root cause of health issues, naturopathic treatment can help you feel better for the long term. Dr. Mudry works with each patient supporting their unique health concerns to help them feel better and live their best lives. For more on naturopathic medicine go here.

Why Work With Dr. Mudry?

If you are looking for affordable treatments, an easy and sustainable health plan, and comprehensive health review, you've come to the right place.

As a naturopathic doctor, Dr. Mudry can treat and diagnosis all common, and uncommon, medical conditions. She helps you find the true issue of what is making you unwell, and with natural treatments, helps your body overcome it and return to health. 

Often times your labs will be normal, other people will say there is nothing more they can do, or that you are "fine" and have to live with your current health. This is where naturopathic medicine thrives. By taking a wholistic approach to health Dr. Mudry can connect the puzzle pieces from head to toe, from mental health to hormones, from chronic pain to digestion and more.

For more information read the about page here.

Latest News

Price Increases

Turns out Dr. Mudry has been a bit behind on maintaining recommended prices of visit fees for Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) in BC. These provincial fee recommendations are made based on years of experience as well as cost of maintaining liscensure as an ND (which increases slightly every year). Following these Read on…

Clinic return and Winter 2023

Happy new year! We have had a great end to 2022, welcoming in our daughter Daria, getting used to our new family flow and doing lots of x-country skiing 🙂 We are excited for re-opening part time clinic hours at the end of January! Winter 2023 Clinic Info* Appointments for Read on…

Mat Leave Info for Current Patients

Dr. K’s clinics will be closed for visits during her maternity leave from Sept 29, 2022 – approx Jan 23, 2023. Follow ups through the fall/winter will be covered by Dr. Jill Kazuk, ND (see below for details). Please email us for any refills of current medications. We will be Read on…