Dr. Mudry is a Naturopathic Doctor located in British Columbia. She is on maternity leave from October 2022 to Janurary 2023.  She is not accepting new patients, but will assess patient load in 2023. For current patients, her locum, Dr. Jill Kazuk, will be doing follow-ups during mat leave.

Book follow up with Dr. Jill (current patients)

Please note, Dr. Jill’s schedule is quite full and requires 24 notice of a cancellation so she can try to fill the spot with her wait list. She charges 50% of the visit fee for no shows/last minute cancellations.

If you would like to book in with Dr. Mudry as a new patient in the future, please email and request to be added to the 2023 wait list.

Supplement Pick up Locations

Dr. Jill may advise new or exisiting medications. You may pick them up locally in the location as you have previously at Dr. Katelyn’s clinic locations:

Cranbrook Location

14a 13 Ave S #203
Cranbrook, BC V1C 2V3

Kimberley Location

850 Wallinger Ave
Kimberley, BC V1A 2A4