Mat Leave Info for Current Patients

Dr. K’s clinics will be closed for visits during her maternity leave from Sept 29, 2022 – approx Jan 23, 2023. Follow ups through the fall/winter will be covered by Dr. Jill Kazuk, ND (see below for details). Please email us for any refills of current medications.

We will be “open” for tincture and supplement refills through this time, though emails will be checked only 1-2 times a week by Brad as we adjust to our new family life and schedule. Dr. Jill Kazuk will be available for online follow ups during this time. She practices similar to Dr. K using tinctures, homeopathics, nutrition and the same method of food sensitivity testing. We thank you for your support during this time and know that Dr. Jill will be able to support any of your immediate health needs and Brad will be able to help you get your medicines and refills 🙂

For online follow ups with Dr Jill Kazuk:

  • Booking through Dr. Jill’s website for online vists *times are in CENTRAL time which is 1 hour later then mountain time! Pay attention please! If you have difficulty booking in you can email her at and she will help you book in a follow up.
  • She will be able to access your previous chart and pick up where we left off with treatment.
  • Any tinctures/homeopathics/some supplements will be available for pick up at the same clinic mailboxes in Kimberley or Cranbrook. Make sure you tell Dr. Jill which location you would like to pick up. Brad will be making medicines for these pick-ups.
  • Dr. Jill may suggest new or different remedies which you will be able to purchase at health food stores, Dr. Jill will mail to you, or you may order through her online medicinary with Fullscript.
  • Follows ups with Dr. Jill are 30 minutes. She doesn’t do direct billing but will give you receipts you ca submit to your insurance company.
  • Dr. Jill is a great ND and this is an awesome opportunity for folks to have continued quality care as well as get a bit of different perspective on their health!

For Refills:

  • We will attempt to do as many refills as possible before we “close” the clinic on Sept 29. We can give out a 2 month supply at a time to each patient.
  • Depending on when our baby is born at the end of October/beginning of November there may be a 2 week gap in Brad’s ability to check emails for refills etc. We thank you for your understanding during this time.
  • If emailing for a refill please copy and paste your last tincture/tea formula and needed supplements from your most recent treatment plan to help us out! Only exact refills will be filled during mat leave, no small changes or tweaks as Dr. K will not be involved to approve any changes. Please schedule a follow up with Dr. Jill if you feel you need a change in your treatment.
  • All CanPrev supplements and Concentrace can be found at any local health food store. NFH products are available only through the clinic.

Dr. K’s Return to Clinic

  • Dr. K will be slowly returning to doing online appointments at the end of January 2023.
  • We will send out an email, update the website and use social media to communicate “re-opening”
  • Her schedule may be quite limited at first but between her and Dr. Jill we hope to be able to support all current patients needs
  • She will not be accepting new patients until later in the year, and encourage anyone you may know to book in new patient appt with Dr. Jill through her online booking link: She is in the process of updating her website which you can find at in the next few weeks

Additional Resources/Supports

  • Book a follow up with Dr. Jill, she is great 🙂
  • Tilia Botanicals in Creston does custom tinctures in store and will mail them to you. I work with them frequently and they have most herbs we use.
  • This is a great time to use additional health care provider support. We have many amazing people locally!

Thank you so much for trusting us with your health during the past months/years! We look forward to this new exciting time in our family life, as well as returning to work with all our wonderful patients in the winter.  It is truly a pleasure to be a part of your health team.

All the best,
Dr. K, Brad, Alki dog and future baby!