Clinic return and Winter 2023

Happy new year! We have had a great end to 2022, welcoming in our daughter Daria, getting used to our new family flow and doing lots of x-country skiing 🙂 We are excited for re-opening part time clinic hours at the end of January!

Winter 2023 Clinic Info
* Appointments for follow up patients open January 24, click here to book online.
* Clinic hours will be very part time at first and slowly increasing as we are able to.
* All appointments will be online at the moment.
* New patient appointments will open up to our wait list in March and to the public in April or May.
* Ensuring follow up appointments for our current patients is our priority for the next couple months 🙂
* Supplement/Tincture pick up remains as usual – in the mailboxes at the physical clinic locations.

Price Increases
Following along with the BC naturopathic association recommendations Dr K will be slightly increasing her rates. Current rates of $90 for 30 mins and $45 for 15 mins will continue for January and February. Rates will increase in March 2023 to $100 for 30 mins and $55 for 15 mins.

Supplement prices from most companies increase slightly every year with lots of changes in the past couple of months and we update those as they come in.

For in house medicines, tinctures will increase to 33$ plus tax, and homeopathics will increase by $1 each (variable pricing for different homeopathics). This will be implemented in March as well.

Thank you to Dr Jill Kazuk!
We are so appreciative for her support and ability to help with care while we were away from the clinic. If you saw her for a follow and would like to continue your care with her she would be more then happy to have you as a permanent patient. We can gladly facilitate any records transfer needed. She will do follow ups until Jan 24 when Dr K returns to work.

Happy 2023!
We are so excited for this new year and to return to clinic. We thank you for your understanding that we will be working part time for the next couple of months. As always we will do our best to see as many people as possible and get everyone the tinctures and medicines they need in a timely fashion.

All the best to you and yours in the new year!
– Dr K, Brad, Alki dog and baby Daria