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Spring Health Talks – Cranbrook and Kimberley

Education is one of the most important aspects of long term sustainable health. Learning about your health and ways to improve it at home empowers people to achieve their greatest spectrum of health. My health talks series allows me to reach the greatest number of people at one time and improve access to naturopathic medicine for all.

Every talk is open to anyone who is interested. I always cover some basic physiology and science about the conditions or topic, as well as fun facts, at home remedies, prevention strategies and more.  All attendees receive handouts or online copies of the information for further reference. I love to take these educational opportunities to de-bunk common myths and answer any questions you may have about anything health related.

With the availability of information on the internet these days its important to make sure what you’re hearing is verifiable. I lean strongly on my skills as a medical researcher and my Masters of Science in Integrative Medicine Research when compelling information for my health talks. By review the most recent medical evidence I help to keep you, the public, informed on the most current and effective advances in medicine.


Upcoming talks:

  • All talks are FREE to everyone and go from 6pm-7pm
  • Cranbrook Location is Dr K’s Clinic: 14a 13th ave, Cranbrook BC
  • Kimberley Location is Sprout Health Market: 196 Spokane St #16, Kimberley, BC  (in the middle of the Platzl)
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Allergies of All Kinds

Cranbrook – Weds April 18th

Kimberley – Tues April 17th


Women’s Hormones in the Modern World

Cranbrook – Weds May 9th

Kimberley – Thurs May 10th


Hair, Skin, and Nails – what they are telling you about your health

Cranbrook – Weds June 6th

Kimberley – Thurs June 7th

If you have suggestions for a topic, or would like a custom health talk for your company or event please comment below or email

Yours in health and happiness,

Dr. K