prenatal health

Pre-Natal Support Part 2

For general nutrition and lifestyle support for both sexes see Part 1

Male specific support

Spermatogenesis is an energetically demanding process that requires optimal intake of antioxidants, minerals and other nutrients. Interestingly, only ~10% of male ejaculate is sperm. The remaining 80- 90% is a combination of nourishing and protecting fluids for the sperm themselves; including fructose, lipids, amino acids, vitamins B&C, zinc and electrolytes. These factors are all required for sperm production and survival… it’s a long trip for those little guys!

  • Increase intake of antioxidants including vitamins A,C and E, selenium and Zinc. This can be done through increased intakes of fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds as well as an “ACE/Antioxidant” supplement.


Female Specific Support

Prenatal supplements and nutrition

These days a good pre-natal will include all the essential nutrients we need for pre-natal health. In addition to a diet high in vegetables and fruits a 1-2 times a day quality prenatal is a simple pre-natal routine. Buying a quality brand supplement is important as we want to make sure you are getting what is on the bottle. Lower quality supplements don’t get fully broken down in our stomach and can leave up to half of the pill undigested, which means you are only getting ½ the benefit!

  • Any Products available locally at Sprout Health Market are good quality!
  • Whole earth and Sea Brand Pre-natal is my current favourite.
  • The recommended base line intake of certain nutrients includes that which you get from your food, though most pre-natals will give you the full nutrient profile for that base line intake
  • Increased daily nutrient need in pregnancy
    • Iron 27 mg
    • Folate (B9) 600 mcg
    • Calcium 1000 mg (best through food, small amounts in supplements are sufficient. Do this great quiz to asses your daily intake.
    • Vitamin D 1000 iu daily
Additional Support
  • Antioxidant intake, mentioned above for men, is also important and a good prenatal will have a well rounded amount of vitamins ACE, and zinc as well as important minerals iodine and copper.
  • If you are already taking a B complex as part of your health routine you can add the pre-natal in as well. You may be able to decrease your b complex by 1 cap daily depending on your symptoms.
  • THYROID health is one of the biggest things I look at in new moms. Checking your thyroid before, during, and after pregnancy can help monitor many aspects of maternal health. Low thyroid can cause troubles conceiving, increased risk of miscarriage and adverse neonatal outcomes.  Symptoms of thyroid conditions are fatigue, depression, hair loss and dry skin, problems with weight loss, heart palpitations, constipation, joint pain and more. For more thyroid info read this blog post.


Congratulations again on starting the baby making process!! I wish you all the best! Book an appointment if you have any questions or concerns for prenatal and fertility health 🙂