Kimberley BC

Kimberley Naturopathic Doctor Hours

I am VERY EXCITED to announce I will be opening up Naturopathic clinic hours in Kimberley for 2020! I will be seeing patients at the “Red House” at 850 Wallinger Ave starting on January 10th, 2020.

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Kimberley is blessed with a plethora of amazing health practitioners and I am happy to work along side many of them. My goal with opening up part time hours in Kimberley is to increase access to naturopathic care. People who know me know one of my main goals as an ND (naturopathic doctor) is to make naturopathic medicine easier to access.

  • My Kimberley Naturopathic hours are Fridays 8am – 7:15 pm. I hope this gives people the ability to access the health care they need before/after work and to start their weekends out on the healthiest foot!
  • As I have a large herbal medicinary in Cranbrook, it may take until Monday or Tuesday to get you any specialized tinctures I may recommend. Luckily, we have Sprout Health Market in the Platzl for all your other supplement needs 🙂
  • As always I will offer direct billing in office, low cost appointments, and strive to make your treatments easy and understandable.
What are appointments like?

Standard naturopathic appointments are 1 hour for initial consult and 30 minutes for follow up. This amount of time allows Dr. Mudry to asses your full health history and make a wholistic diagnosis as to the root causes of your current health issues. The standard naturopathic appointment is recommended for most patients, especially those with chronic health concerns including mental health.

Single concern appointments are also available. These 15 minute appointments are similar to those at a family doctors office and focus on only 1 health concern. Medication review, prescription refills, lab testing, cold and flu management and acute symptoms are well suited to these appointments. Depending on your concern Dr. Mudry may suggest an extended visit to adequately asses your health.

During a naturopathic assessment the doctor will review your main concerns, your health history and family health history and preform physical exams and review labs when necessary. Dr. Mudry strives to create a health care environment that is judgment free, supportive and of course completely confidential. Treatment plans will be created with the patient and Dr. Mudry to ensure you understand and can implement all the recommendations into your life. For more on treatments click here.