Greater Goals of Dr. K

I’m writing this during a time when a lot of businesses are closed for public health measures, so I’d like to start by saying how grateful I am to be still working right now. I am proud that my business, my clinic, my services as a physician, are deemed essential services in BC and honoured that so many folks see me as an essential part of their health, even if it is through a video chat right now.


I have been thinking about what my goals are for my business in the upcoming months, which is invariably tied to my work as a naturopathic physician and health advocate, and to my personal values. Being incredibly inspired by a talk from the Practical Herbalists at all the offerings of the Herbal Entrepreneur Online Conference this week I have decided to write some goals and missions out and make them public! My hope in this is to create a stronger connection to these ideas for myself, but also to let my communities (both local and online) know what I want to help with!


If you would like to help me on a project or feel like you would benefit from my help in any of these areas please email drkmudry (at) gmail (dot) com. *please note for medical advice you need to book an appt ;)*


It is my aim to:

Create access to naturopathic medicine for the most people possible

  • Offer compassionate and non judgmental health care to all who need it.
  • Create accessible options for 1-1 naturopathic care including low cost appointments.
  • Educate about health through free talks, group workshops, and public events.


Grow our regional health community

  • Improve connections between natural  health providers in the East Kootenays
  • Continue and grow partnerships with local business and organizations with a healthcare focus (shout out to Sprout Health Market and Fruition Wellness, some amazing health allies for me and my patients).
  • Support local agriculture and ecology (nature is KEY to natural medicine).
  • Build the idea of wholistic health as something that goes beyond personal health but to include social environments, work/life balance, access to basic needs, personalized education access and more.


Grow the model of sustainable natural medicine

  • Continued creation of personalized herbal products to help treat people wholistically (more tincture info here).
  • Find financially sustainable treatments for people
  • Creation of herbal products from local resources, and support the natural and cultivated growth of those resources.
  • Education about nutrition, local herbs, and at home health care.


Please comment/email/dm any questions or comments or ideas or projects you would like to partner on!

Photo by sabine burns