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COVID-19 Clinic Changes

First of all Good Morning! Take a deep breath and think of something you are grateful for and pet/hold your dog/cat/kids/family/heart for 5 seconds. Thank you to everyone in our community and all over the world for all the collective effort they are putting in to keep us all as safe and healthy as possible.

Dr. K’s clinic will be near fully functioning during this time with some changes as follows:



Starting today all appointments will now be online, via phone or the virtual office at This is in accordance with the College of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia and public health advice. I find video appts very effective and hope to “see” you all soon.

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Tinctures will still be made and available for pick up in the mail box outside the physical clinics in Cranbrook and at the Red House in Kimberley. I am working with Sprout Health Market in Kimberley to arrange free supplement deliveries/mailbox pickup as needed as well as continuing the use of Fullscript for online orders. Prescriptions are always called into pharmacies and each pharmacy should have protective and helpful measures in place.


Financial Support

Many people’s businesses, lives and livelihoods are being effected right now and I want anybody who needs support, especially mental health including anxiety, stress and  depression, to be able to access naturopathic care if needed.
Anyone who is financially strained at this time can defer payment of their invoices from me or do an interest free payment plan until their financial situation is stabilized. 
This goes for all services, tinctures and supplements from me. As always I do direct billing for services to decrease the out of pocket cost. I will check in with every patient after their appointment about this so please don’t hesitate to bring it up or mention it in your appt booking. Online orders and supplements from other sources aren’t available for this offer.



All lab services from me are suspended at the moment to decrease the burden on the health system. Urgent/crucial labs will be decided on a case by case basis. The labs processing food sensitivity and saliva/urine hormones have been shut down temporarily.  Fortunately there are many things naturopathic medicine can help support without complex lab testing. If you have access to I will be able to review labs done recently and make treatment decisions as necessary.


I hope you are feeling stable and safe in your current situations. Maintaining good health right now, especially mental health, is incredibly important for you personally and for the health system at large. Please let me know if there is any other way I can support your health needs at this time.


Please remember to wash your hands and follow all public health directives.

I encourage people to get their info and updates from certified public health resources in BC such as the following:


Yours in Health, Happiness and Support of our Amazing Community,
Dr. K