Compassionate and Trauma informed Paps

Papanicolaou (Pap) tests or smears are an important part of cervical health. I am happy to be offering these in my naturopathic clinic for everyone who needs them.

Current BC guidelines for Paps are:

  • Start getting them at age 25 for anyone with a cervix
  • Repeat every 3 years is no abnormal results
  • Follow physician guidelines for monitoring any abnormal results (usually follow up every 6 month to a year)

The cervix is the lower part of the uterus that is in the vaginal canal. Pap tests are done to check for cell changes on the cervix that could be pre cancerous. HPV is commonly involved in cervical cell changes (dysplasia) but is not tested currently in BC.

Paps tests involves inserting a speculum into the vaginal canal so the physician (me), can visual the cervix and gently collect tissues to send to a lab. The sample collection it self takes about a minute.

Speculum insertion and pap test

As a preventative test for cancer paps are really important for overall health. Dr. K knows that many people have anxiety, fear and possible trauma around any kind of physical exam, especially ones involving sexual organs and sensitives areas.

In order to make Pap test as comfortable as possible Dr. K does the following things:

  • Gender fluid/inclusive intake and approach to paps
  • Detailed consent and safety talk empowering patients with words like Stop and Out so they can control the flow of the exam
  • Self insertion of speculum for those who would like it to increase patient control and decrease risk for discomfort and trauma
  • Low to the ground table with comfortable sheets and coverings and no foot stir ups for easier patient mobility
  • Anxiety support as needed – supplements, music, essential oils and support people/pets of your choice if wanted.

The test it’s self is covered by BC cancer prevention and the 15-20 appointment ($65) is covered by benefits plans and directly billed in office. Low income appointments are available as well.

If you would like to book your pap or have questions please email or call 250-908-4371