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Calgary Juice Cleanse/Fast- May 16th 2017

I’m offering  a Calgary juice cleanse/fasting workshop on May 16th and 23 2017. Why? Read on for my personal experience with juicing. Workshop info at bottom of post.

I participated in my first fasting workshop as a medical student in Portland, OR. It was during finals week, I had never fasted before and and issues with hypoglycemia and was a bit apprehensive about how it would be.  I did that fast under the guidance of a Naturopathic Doctor and it was one of the best things I did for my health during medical school. Throughout the fast (and days pre and post), I had more energy then I had had the whole semester, went to yoga on my studybreaks, felt more confident then ever in my exams and kicked my coffee habit.

Yes, I kicked my pot-a-day coffee habit during exams in my 4th year of medical school.  

Over the years I have seen the benefits of seasonal fasting and cleansing to be essential to the maintenance of optimal health. Every spring since I do a juice fast and perioidic cleanses to help my body get back to it’s high fucntioning, well balanced, nutritional optimzed and highly energized best self.

I welcome everyone to join me this year in a cleansing/fasting workshop:

For people both new and experienced with cleansing. This spring Calgary juice workshop will teach you all about the benefits of seasonal cleansing in a safe and effective way. Dr. Mudry while cover the many options to help your body reset and reboot. Whether it’s trying to decrease your caffeine intake, supporting your liver and digestive tract or doing a 4 day fast Dr. Mudry will help you create the cleansing program that is best for you. This 2 day workshop includes:

  • Anatomy and physiology of the bodies detox pathways
  • History & benefits of cleansing and fasting 
  • Latest medical research on fasting
  • The best pre and post diet and lifestyle support to cleanse safely and avoid side effects
  • How to incorporate detox support into your daily routine
  • Personalized program and herbal tincture from Dr. Mudry 

Each person will get to choose what type of program they would like  – gentle cleanse to full 4 day juice fast – with assistance from Dr. Mudry. Workshop times will include education objectives listed above as well as allow time for participants to set personal goals and receive group support throughout their cleanse.


May 16th – 7 –8:30 pm & May 23 – 7–8 pm


$130 (does not include juices)


By phone or in person at Innovations Health Clinic – 403-474-6979


Innovations Health Clinic

101 – 7 Glenbrook Place SW

Calgary, Alberta T3E 6W4