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3 minute health update

I have been wanting to write a full blog post on a couple of different things lately and have thus have ended up writing no blog posts because I can’t decide which topic to pick! So there is a very quick review of the health things I have been into the past couple weeks.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) – after my marathon training (mostly by bike due to a foot injury) I’ve been looking into different types of fun and engaging cross-training. I have also been working with a couple of patients on weight loss and easy at home changes to their routine to implement them. This website Darbee is a super simple and super awesome to intro to HIIT training.

HIIT Training

“Bulletproof” morning tea – In ” ” because I’m a vegan and lazy so I’m not addingbutter or cream or non dairy alternatives to my morning brew or blending it. I’m basically just adding 1-2 tablespoons of Brain Octane to my morning tea – (green, herbal, yerba mate). Can’t say I have noticed any major improvement in my brain function from the fancy Brain Octane but I have enjoyed the extra bit of healthy fat and sustained of satiety throughout the morning.

Protein at every meal – In almost every diet analysis I’ve done the past week there has been a lack of proteins and good fats (see above to increase healthy fats!). Getting protein in at every meal improves glucose balance and makes you feel fuller longer which both help improve energy throughout the day. Great protein additions include:┬ánuts, seeds, organic meats, eggs, legumes, soy, organic dairy. Too much protein isn’t too good for you either though, so like almost everything in life in moderation! Here’s a link to a Dr. Mercola article on the risks of excessive protein.

Concussion support – I had a concussion in February and was very lucky that I had great resources around me to help me heal fully. With some naturopathic treatment, an understanding workplace and a very supportive and attentive husband I was able to fully heal in a week and head straight into a week long ski trip and continue my marathon training.

concussion symptoms

This is however not the story I hear from the surprising amount of close friends that have had concussions in the past year. Many of them took weeks to recover from their immediate concussion symptoms and have post concussive changes in mental/emotional states including increased anxiety and difficulties concentrating and interacting in large groups. I’m currently focusing a lot of my continuing education time into Functional Neurology and concussion treatment and support. If you or a friend has suffered a concussion I would love to help get them back on track. Email me at or call the clinic closest to you to get Banff and Calgary concussion support.