100ml dropper bottle

Bottle/Vial Recycling

Sustainability is super important to the Dr. K team and that is why we sanitize and reuse all the tincture bottles and homeopathic vials. You can bring your used glass bottles to your follow up appointments or leave them in the clinic mailboxes any time.

Custom blended tinctures usually contain herbs that would need to bought in 2-3 different supplement bottles, which are usually plastic. By using re-useable glass containers for personalized medicines Dr. K is able to significantly decrease waste produced by her treatment suggestions! She uses locally harvested and organically grown herbs as well, with a near zero waste processing (our home compost if full of herbal goodness!). This includes nearly all recyclable paper materials/reused materials used for shipping of herbs from suppliers and to remote patients.

Dr. K is working with her supplement companies to create further sustainable sourcing. Some of your common supplements might be changing brands in the next couple months to include less plastic packaging and more organically sourced and fair trade certified capsules.

Is there any environmental and ethical concerns you have about the natural health industry? Any questions about the products Dr. K makes and recommends? let us know.