Dr. Mudry is a Cranbrook and Kimberley Naturopathic Doctor accepting new patients.

Appointments can be booked online or by calling 250-908-4371.

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Summer Schedule:

Cranbrook -  Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday

Kimberley - Monday and Thursday

Dr. Mudry offers clinic hours from 8 am - 8 pm depending on the day. If you have questions about becoming a patient, or have trouble finding an appointment time that works for you please email  or call the clinic at 250-908-4371. If you have mobility concerns please call to arrange a home visit in the Kimberley/Cranbrook area.


The Cranbrook Clinic is located in the traditional territories of the Ktunaxa people. The address is Suite 203, 14a 13th Ave S, Cranbrook, BC. The building is visible from the Safeway parking lot in downtown Cranbrook and is the same building as Fruition Wellness and Yoga I am That.  The clinic is located up the stairs in unit 14a (well signed inside). You can relax with a cup of tea in the waiting room before your appointment.


The Kimberley Clinic is located in the Red House, at 850 Wallinger Ave Kimberley, BC V1A 2A4. There is a main waiting room in the front of the building that Dr. Mudry will meet you in.


Regrettably neither clinic is wheelchair accessible. If you have restricted accessibility to the clinic please contact us to arrange a home visit.

cranbrook naturopathic doctor Dr. Mudry

What are appointments like?


Naturopathic appointments generally take longer then visits to your family doctor. This allows Dr. Mudry to make a wholistic assessment and diagnosis of your health. Usually the initial intake is 1 hour, but 15 min single concern appointments are also available for focused concerns or those people with financial limitations.

Example initial appointment

Please be sure to complete your intake form before your first appointment (emailed with booking confirmation).

  1. Book online anytime. A reminder will be emailed/texted 2 days before appt.
  2. Fill out online intake form on your computer
  3. Arrive 5 mins before your appointment to get comfy and choose a cup of tea (20 mins early if intake not filled out on line)
  4. Your 1 hour appointment begins! For about 45 mins you talk about everything that concerns you about your health in any and every capacity. This is your time - you can share as much or as little as you want. Dr. K will listen and ask questions when necessary to round out your wholistic health picture. If you have lab results or documents from other health providers please bring them with you.
  5. With 15 mins left Dr. Mudry will do physical exams if needed, discuss the most important things in your health history, and create a treatment plan with you!
  6. Last 5 mins - Direct billing to your insurance company, payment of remaining balance by e-transfer or credit card or cash, booking of follow up appointment (usually in 3-6 weeks).

Questions? email or call  the clinic at 250-908-4371.

Treatment Examples

Everyone will get a unique treatment plan, because everyone's health concerns are unique! Dr. Mudry works with everybody's budget, ability, access and palette (don't like kale? we will find something else!) to make a plan that will be easy for you to implement.

Common treatments include:

Herbal Tinctures: Custom blended for each patient. They contain 3-6 different herbs that help support your body as a whole.  Because they are custom made 1 tincture can help multiple issues at once. For example, a tincture can treat digestion, mood, hormones and mental health all at the same time! At $30 for a 1 month supply this it the most effective and affordable treatment out there.

Nutrition: Changing your diet can be on the most dramatically effective treatments, but can also be the hardest for people. Suggestions can include baby steps towards drinking more water, choosing healthier take out options or considering the benefits of a custom therapeutic diet (i.e. gluten free/dairy free/grain free). Dr. Mudry worked in professional kitchens for years so she knows cooking and nutrition inside out and can plan a menu for anyone.

Lifestyle: Sleep, counseling, exercise, movement, saunas (yay!),  self care,  and more - all are considered. Dr. Mudry will only recommend changes that you are on board with because by enriching your lifestyle, you're more likely to engage in your treatment.

Supplements: Usually 1-3 supplements will be discussed. They help speed up the healing process as the nutrition and lifestyle changes take effect. Some sold in office, other recommendations can be purchased at Sprout in Kimberley, Nutters in Cranbrook or Online.

Pharmaceuticals: When necessary, they can be very good medicine. Dr. Mudry prescribes most kinds of pharmaceuticals (except opiates) and writes refills for current medications when needed. Naturopathic doctors are specifically trained in how to decrease side effects of medications and manage drug and supplement interactions.


Health Insurance Billing

Naturopathic visits are covered by most extended health care plans in British Columbia. Please contact your insurance provider to find out the details of your coverage. Many plans cover additional lab testing costs as well and possibly supplements. Most plans can be directly billed in office to minimize your out of pocket costs.

IN OFFICE BILLING OF THE FOLLOWING PLANS: Pacific Blue Cross, Green Shield, Manulife,
Sunlife, Great West life/CanadaLife, Des Jardins, Johnston Group, iAFinancial, Group Health, Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance, CINUP, Cowan, First Canadian, Maximum Benefit, Manion, Group Source

If you feel you have benefited from naturopathic care we encourage you to help everyone get access to it. Please contact your MLA (find yours here) and share with them about the experiences you have under the care of a naturopathic doctors and why you think NDs should be included in provincial and national health care and policy.


1 hour initial standard naturopathic appointment (recommended for most patients)  - $185

30 min naturopathic follow up (recommended for most patients) - $90

15 min single concern appointment  - $45

Tinctures (100mls) - $30

Supplements and lab tests are additional costs.

For people on MSP premium assistance you can receive $23 per visit from the BC government towards naturopathic care. By putting this towards a single concern appointment with Dr. Mudry you can receive naturopathic care for under $25 dollars. Please contact the clinic at for any questions you have on accessing naturopathic care.