Dr. Mudry is accepting new patients at her Cranbrook location for January 2019.  Appointments are best booked online.

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From the end of October to the end of December 2018 Dr. Mudry will be trekking in Nepal with minimal access to internet. The clinic will re-open on Jan 3rd, 2019. She thanks you for your understanding while she is on this short sabbatical to fulfill a life long dream.  Online booking is currently open for all of 2019.

If you have questions about becoming a patient, or have trouble finding an appointment time that works for you please email  or call 250-908-4371 (email will have a quicker response time).

The clinic address is Suite 203, 14a 13th Ave S. The building is visible from the Safeway parking lot in downtown Cranbrook.  The clinic is located up the stairs in unit 14a. Regrettably the clinic is not wheelchair accessible. If you have restricted accessibility to the clinic please contact us to arrange a home visit.

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What are appointments like?

Standard naturopathic appointments are 1 hour for initial consult and 30 minutes for follow up. This amount of time allows Dr. Mudry to asses your full health history and make a wholistic diagnosis as to the root causes of your current health issues. The standard naturopathic appointment is recommended for most patients, especially those with chronic health concerns including mental health.

Single concern appointments are also available. These 15 minute appointments are similar to those at a family doctors office and focus on only 1 health concern. Medication review, prescription refills, lab testing, cold and flu management and acute symptoms are well suited to these appointments. Depending on your concern Dr. Mudry may suggest an extended visit to adequately asses your health.


Health Insurance

Naturopathic visits are covered by most extended health care plans in British Columbia. Please contact your insurance provider to find out the details of your coverage. Many plans cover additional lab testing costs as well and possibly supplements.

If you feel you have benefited from naturopathic care we encourage you to help everyone get access to it. Please contact your MLA (find yours here) and share with them about the experiences you have under the care of a naturopathic doctors and why you think NDs should be included in provincial and national health care and policy.


1 hour initial standard naturopathic appointment (recommended for most patients)  - $185

30 min naturopathic follow up (recommended for most patients) - $90

15 min single concern appointment  - $45

For people on MSP premium assistance (ie you are not required to pay monthly for your BC health care) you can receive $23 per visit from the BC government towards naturopathic care. By putting this towards a single concern appointment with Dr. Mudry you can receive naturopathic care for under $25 dollars. Please contact the clinic at for any questions you have on accessing naturopathic care.