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Dr. Katelyn Mudry is a naturopathic doctor (ND) in Cranbrook, BC. She is here to help you find the root cause of your health problems. She treats many different symptoms and conditions from general fatigue and hormonal issues like thyroid and women's hormones too frequent coughs and colds, chronic headaches, digestive issues, or depression and anxiety. She can treat and diagnosis all common, and uncommon, medical conditions. Read more about the conditions Dr. Mudry treats.

As an ND Dr. Mudry's approach to your health is thorough and personalized. For more about the naturopathic approach, read the about page.

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Why choose Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic medicine combines the latest in medical research and diagnosis and the wisdom of traditional medicines. Naturopathic medicine includes nutrition, herbal medicines, homeopathics, physical medicine and lifestyle support. Dr. K can also prescribe prescription medications when necessary. If you want to use natural ways to change and improve your health, Dr. Mudry is here to help. For more information read the about page.

Accessible Naturopathic  Health Care

Dr. Mudry believes in naturopathic care for everyone. She offers traditional 1 hour comprehensive naturopathic care as well as low cost naturopathic appointments. Most benefits plans offer naturopathic coverage and Dr. K bills in office so your out of pocket costs are minimal. Low income patients can get subsidized from BC health care to see Dr. Mudry. She is accepting new patients in Cranbrook and also offers online consultations.

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